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About CVM

About CVM


CVM stands for “Charkhandi Vidhya Mandir”. The school was founded in 1997, (2054 VS) in Sirutar. Now the school has its own building in Gatthaghar,Araniko basti, Madhyapur Thimi 15. CVM secondary School, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur, run by a team of scholars and social workers has been a center of excellent education since 1997. Its teaching learning activities, child-friendly environment and modern teaching techniques have been a milestone for a shift from the traditional approach of teaching learning methods.

Highly insipired by the motto “Education is the light of life”, all the well qualified and devoted teachers and ancillary staff encourage the students and facilitate them for putting their utmost effort in study,positive discipline and overall growth and developement.

CVM is an excellent learning center where students prepare to meet the challenges and oppurtunities of 21st century.It is well known for its students – centered learning approach. CVM has been successfull in achieving excellent results in SLC/S.E.E. Annual exams over the years.

In its history, CVM has proved itself to be one of the leading institutions in providing world-class education and it is marching ahead with its vision of enhancing the capacity of individuals and consequently a high class academic institution in Nepal to contribute to the national development.